East Masonville Weather Station Status

This page shows the current status of the weather software used in the operation of this website.

Station system up for 29 Days 18 Hours 46 Minutes 8 Seconds
Station system free memory 6.41GB
Weather Display last started 5:13:09 PM 11/17/2018

Component Status Age
Latest update time as of
17-Dec-2018 11:58:45 EST
Weather Display (10.37S-(b66)) realtime Current 2 17-Dec-2018 11:58:43 EST
Weather Display (10.37S-(b66)) FTP Current 223 17-Dec-2018 11:55:02 EST
WXSIM Forecast Current 1695 17-Dec-2018 11:30:30 EST
Warnings/Advisories NOT Current 634538 > 340 secs
10-Dec-2018 03:43:07 EST
Record Broken Current 43155 16-Dec-2018 23:59:30 EST
Monthly Climate Report Current 42399 17-Dec-2018 00:12:06 EST
Detailed Charts Current 42457 17-Dec-2018 00:11:08 EST
NWS Forecast NOT Current unknown > 18100 secs
file not found
UV Forecast Current 211 17-Dec-2018 11:55:14 EST

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Weather Terms

Enhanced Fujita Scale or EF-Scale - A scale of wind damage intensity in which wind speeds are inferred from analysis of wind damage. All tornadoes and most other windstorms are assigned a numerical rating from this scale according to the most intense damage caused by the storm. EF0 (weak) 6585 mph, light damage EF1 (weak) 86110 mph, moderate damage EF2 (strong) 111135 mph, considerable damage EF3 (strong) 136165 mph, severe damage EF4 (violent) 166200 mph, devastating damage EF5 (violent) >200 mph, incredible damage