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Located in Upstate New York on the foothills of the Catskills. Masonville is a small quiet town with a population around 1,400. The station is located about 5 miles outside of the town at a slightly higher elevation. Masonville's climate is very diverse with four very distinct seasons. Spring is a time when most of the snow begins to melt off with average April temperature of around 50 degrees with highs in the mid 60's and lows in the mid 40's. Summer brings some of the nicest weather of the year with an average August temperature of 67 degrees with highs in the upper 70's and lows in the mid 50's. With the changing of the leaves the Fall becomes the most beautiful time of the year with an average October temperature of 50 degrees with highs in the mid 50's and lows in the lower 40's. Winter is the most diverse time of year with all types of precipitation falling with most of it being snow. Average January temperature is 22 degrees with highs in the upper 20's and lows in the mid 10's. Average precipitation is around 40 inches per year. With an average snowfall of around 90 inches per year.

-Station Hardware

Currently we are using a Davis Vantage Pro 2 Plus with our own homemade radiation shield and fan.
Also in use, is a homemade rain gauge heater for snowfall.

-Station Software

Weather Display collects the data making most of the charts and graphs you see on the web site.
WXSIM is the forecasting modeling software used on the site.

-Published Data

-Computer Information

Windows has been running for 176 Days 18 Hours 28 Minutes 33 Seconds

Weather Display has been running since 9:19:04 PM 5/28/2023

The Weather Computer has 4.48GB of free memory

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Random Fact

Wind Chill

Everyone has noticed that in winter it seems colder when the wind is blowing. Mothers recognize this and tell their children to wear more clothes. The question the children ask is how much more clothes. Mothers answer very precisely because Mothers know everything. For the rest of us, wind chill calculations are the basis for determining the effect of wind on body heat loss. The wind chill equivalent temperature equation is: Wind chill temperature = 35.74 + 0.6215T - 35.75V (**0.16) + 0.4275TV(**0.16) where T is the air temperature in Fahrenheit and V is the wind speed in MPH.