Snowfall and Snow Statistics

Condition Measurement
Current Snow Depth 0.827 in.
Snow for Today (measured) 0.08 in.
Snow for Yesterday (measured) 0.63 in.
Snow for this Month (measured) 47.24 in.
Snow for Season (measured) 47.24 in.
Elevation at which snow would fall (estimated) 0 ft.
Days with snow this month 8
Days with snow this year (July-June) 56

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5 Days Snow Chance
Today Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
50 % 50 % 0 % 30 % 0 %
Snow Snow No Snow Snow No Snow

Last 24 hrs Snowfall

Last 24 hrs Snow Depth

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Flood Stage - The level or stage at which a stream overflows its banks or the stage at which the overflow of a stream begins to cause damage.