River/Lake Height

This script will display your local data from the Advanced Hydrologic Prediction Service. Wxriverpage.php will give viewers an overall summary of local river/lake heights. Wxriverdetail.php will give a detailed look at a gauge, showing records, stages of flood, forecast, and recent observations.

Features - Variable Display depending on what data is given
Colors changes with the stage.
Select amount of data shown.
Select scale on gauge images.
Map of current gauge states.
Reduce data downloads during calm times.
Option to choose location of images.

Version 3.13F - 13-Jan-2015 - Fixed the iFrame issue seen where mousing over a gauge would throw the frame offcenter.
Version 3.12F - Unknown - Lost in the depths of the internet.
Version 3.11F - 01-Jun-2013 - Updated Read me, suggest reading. Added "background" in the settings this needs to be set to you region. Also changed the summary page to match the new variables.
Version 3.10F - 31-May-2013 - Brought back the clickable map. Added black around icon for "Highest Forecasted Stage" to make it easier to read. Implemented new logic to reduce download rate when no rivers are calm. Added "Last Updated" time on the summary page. Changed arrows now they are based off of the last hour of data. The last hour (rise/fall) and the next hour (rise/fall) will show up when your mouse is held over the arrow.
Version 3.00F - 20-Apr-2013 - Removed clickable map. Added icon for "Highest Forecasted Stage". Implemented new logic for both summary and detail to display data correctly. My clickable map is my on page using an iFrame, wxforum has a thread on how to do this. I will not be supporting the clickable iFrame map until I can get more time.
Version 2.15 - 28-Sept-2011 - Fixed clickable map, AHPS made a few more changes, causing the clickable map to not function properly.
Version 2.14 - 08-Sept-2011 - Fixed detail page so forecast shows up properly. Also summary page was fixed to show record flooding.
Version 2.13 - 11-May-2011 - Fixed a few Not Defined river errors. Also fixed stage/flow colors for certain conditions.
Version 2.12 - 21-Feb-2011 - Fix for name of river on details page. Changed names to AHPS standards. Added dropdown menu for details page.
Version 2.11 - 01-Jan-2011 - Fix for the clickable map. Now works with how the AHPS is doing the xml.
Version 2.10 - 20-Nov-2010 - Status of the Gauge will now show for those with rivers with only flow readings and flow records. All shorttags have been replaced with the full php tag.
Version 2.01 - 18-Sept-2010 - Fixed Clickable map so it will now work with lowercase gauge id's. Fixed "Not Defined" error on gauges without an action stage. Also fixed other cosmetic issues.
Version 2.00 - 18-Sept-2010 - Big changes, Clickable map- Thanks to Jim, also added the ability to put the images at the top or the bottom of the page. Hopefully fixed the script for the newest version of PHP.
Version 1.02 - 12-Sept-2010 - Added "Back to River Summary" on detail pages. Also other minor fixes.
Version 1.01 - 29-Aug-2010 - Fixed Not Defined Status on gauges without an action stage. Also fixes Negative flow, now displayed as N/A.
Version 1.00 - 29-Aug-2010 - Initial Release.

See it in action - River Summary

Download - wxriver.zip

Station Records

This is for those running a web page that uses the testtags.php. This download contains three different pages. Each of these pages is designed to display records for a different time period (Monthly, Yearly, All Time), similar to the ones in Weather Display. In the future I would like to add correct translations to these pages. If you are willing to help translate send me an email at the bottom of the page.

Features - Multilingual Capabilities
Customizable Date Style
Customizable Record Types

Version 2.00 - 22-Jan-2012 - More uniform date display, smaller problems, fixed bug with seperation of warmest/coldest day/night.
Version 1.13 - 24-May-2011 - Added option to have rain rate displayed as units/min. or units/hr.
Version 1.12 - 24-Oct-2010 - Updated all pages, changed format of day/night records. Also added all necessary testtags to addition_to_testtags.txt.
Version 1.11 - 09-Aug-2010 - Updated Monthly Records page, date in header now will update with record dates.
Version 1.10 - 04-Jul-2010 - Updated date format, this making it work with the template versions and standalone versions.
Version 1.00 - 24-Jan-2010 - Initial Release

See it in action - Monthly Yearly All Time

Download - wxrecords.zip

Translations - Norwegian courtesy of Magnar at http://www.mavahome.com/


These scripts are free to use and can be modified however to fit your need.

Random Fact

Weather Terms

Warning - A warning is issued when a hazardous weather or hydrologic event is occurring, imminent or likely. A warning means weather conditions pose a threat to life or property. People in the path of the storm need to take protective action.